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Install/Upgrade DocuWare Desktop Apps

Docuware Apps Install/Upgrade Handy Guide


To Install DocuWare Desktop Apps:
1. Log into DocuWare using your credentials provided, navigate to the menu below and click Install Desktop Apps, (you will need local admin rights for the installation to start):

2. Once loaded, select the relevant DocuWare Apps to install and click start:

3. Once complete, apps will say “Installation Complete”, click finish. DocuWare apps are now installed.

To Upgrade DocuWare Desktop Apps:
1. In the notification area right click on the DocuWare Desktop Apps icon and click ‘Check for Updates’.

2. After a few minutes, an orange DocuWare Icon will appear, right click on this, and click ‘Apply Update’.

3. Enter your user credentials if requested. Your must have local admin rights to continue. A box will then popup with all DocuWare apps to be upgraded. Click ‘Start’ to proceed.

4. If the upgrade has completed successfully, click ‘Close’. DocuWare Desktop Apps have now been upgraded.

If the upgrade fails, please contact Anota by emailing support@anota.co.uk, or calling 0113 887 2400. Please ensure you have your Teamviewer credentials to hand so one of our support representatives can assist.
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